clek fllo convertible car seat

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The 3-Across Convertible Car Seat

At less than 17 inches, Fllo makes it easy to ride 3-across. One of the safest narrow car seats available, it's packed with industry-leading safety features, including a steel anti-rebound bar, Clek's patented energy management system and advanced side-impact protection with deep side wings, energy-absorbing foam layers and an adjustable structural headrest.

Rear-Facing Mode:
Height:   25-43 in.
Weight:  14-50 lb
Minimum Age: Able to sit upright alone*
*When using with infant-thingy (sold separately), you can accommodate a child from 5 lb and 19 in.

Forward-Facing Mode:
Height:  30-49 in.
Weight:  22-65 lb


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