you know about jogging strollers

you know about jogging strollers


In our shop, we remind our customers to think about their lifestyles when shopping for gear: Is your family active? Do you visit RI’s beautiful beaches in the summer? Will your large fur baby be joining you on your walks? Do you live near Blackstone Boulevard and worry about uneven sidewalks? Are you out and about regardless of the weather or want to be prepared if Tony Petrarca gets the forecast wrong (Joking! We trust you!)? These are all questions to think about, and, if you answered yes to most of them, a jogging stroller may be the perfect solution.


Jogging strollers boast three large wheels and an impressive suspension system. Both features allow you to securely handle high speeds and uneven terrain. Front wheels must typically be locked with a fork (#stickaforkinit) while running and some models include a hand brake which allows for more control, especially while going downhill. Jogging stroller seats cannot parent-face; however, most can accommodate infant car seats and bassinets. UPF-rated fabrics on extended canopies keep your little one safe and comfortable, and adjustable handlebars let operators of all sizes enjoy the ride, too. Typically, you can begin running with your baby in the stroller around eight months, but we strongly encourage you to seek advice from your physician on whether your child is old enough to run with.


For active families, hitting the pavement running or exploring your local trails is the norm. You enjoy getting out often and need gear that supports your lifestyle. Finding time to care for yourself and exercise is difficult with children, but jogging strollers allow you to bring them along. The versatility of one of the jogging strollers mentioned below alleviates the need to purchase both a full-size AND jogging stroller, saving you money and space. Add a lightweight travel stroller, and you have the perfect line-up. 


Jogging strollers aren't just a great option for active families. Due to the larger wheels and impressive suspension systems, they’re also perfect for those who stroll on various terrains (think: uneven sidewalks, dirt roads, sand, and trails) and during all weather conditions (think: snow slush and rain puddles). Many New England families live close to the beach or bumpy trails, and jogging strollers roll right over those terrains so you can keep exploring.


Now, for jogging strollers you can purchase at mod mama:


UPPAbaby Ridge

UPPAbaby’s new jogging stroller accommodates both a bassinet and select infant car seats using an adapter. This sleek, all-terrain stroller features two 16 inch wheels on the back and one 12 inch wheel on the front made from high performance foam and rubber–you’ll never get a flat! The color-coded foot brakes are straightforward the disc hand brake system allows you to slow your roll, even when running downhill. We love that the Ridge comes with a protective basket cover as well as a removable water bottle holder.

- Weight: 29.2 lbs

- Weight Capacity: up to 55 lbs


Bumbleride Speed 

A single jogging stroller that combines performance and sustainability giving you a purpose-built running companion made with responsible materials. It’s the only stroller available equipped with 3 modes of transport RUN.JOG.WALK, so you can change your pace to match your workout. The Speed comes complete with extra reflective elements so you can get out whenever life calls for adventure. The Speed can accommodate infant car seats (with use of an adapter) as well as a bassinet. 

- Weight: 26 lbs

- Weight Capacity: up to 65 lbs


Bumbleride Indie

An everyday stroller made for active families that care about responsible manufacturing. The Bumbleride Indie Stroller is the only one you’ll need from birth through toddlerhood and is unmatched in versatility. Its air-filled tires and all-wheel suspension give you the smoothest push and most comfortable ride no matter where you explore. The Indie can accommodate infant car seats (with use of an adapter) as well as a bassinet. 

- Weight: 24 lbs

- Weight Capacity: 55 lbs 


Bumbleride Indie Twin

A responsible choice for the planet and a parent’s lifeline for multiple children, the Indie Twin double stroller gets you outside doing what you love. Beginning at birth and through toddlerhood, its side-by-side seat design allows you to customize for your little passengers with quick access to each. Have twins? Add dual car seats, dual bassinets or simply convert seats to infant mode with no attachments.

- Weight: 36 lbs

- Combined Children Weight Capacity: 90 lbs 


Keep cruising on any adventure all year long, whether you run marathons or enjoy daily neighborhood walks. Have questions? Reach out to the mod mama lifestylists at: [email protected] or 401-273-7800.


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